Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Packing Peanut Sculptures

This is my sculpture.

It’s called the Tomb Maze.  I made it with packing peanuts, toothpicks and water.  The people are in the tubes, which are attached.  Some tubes have dead ends.

(To make sculptures) you take two packing peanuts, dip one in water and then put the other one on top of it to attach them.

(On a structure), the toothpicks are for flags and stuff like that.  Or, they can be thinner tunnels that lead to the top.

The toothpicks can also make a top..  You make a ball then put toothpicks into the ball.  One has to point in and one has to put out.   

How do you use it?  You spin it around.  It might not work so good though.

You can make a marshmallow thing with the toothpicks and peanuts, too.   

But, don’t eat the packing peanuts.

As you can see, my brothers make things, too.

 My brother made The Charging Knights Against the Indian.

Jack made a spinning thing that can go in the air.

You can get packing peanuts in your packages.  They have to be the corn kind.

What will YOU create with packing peanuts?

 Bye-bye!  Leave a comment, please.