Saturday, June 14, 2014

Paper Boat Battle

Have you eve made a paper boat?

I have.  I made a whole bunch!

Watch us make a battle scene.  

We crinkled little pieces of paper and made them into little paper balls and then we tossed them at enemy ships.

Listen to a story.

We will have pictures.

Let's begin.

All the ships lined up for battle to fight the British and so we had courage because the stars and stripes were flying above us.

Cannon balls began to fly.

Two of the bad guy ships -- the British ships -- sunk.

We fought onward. 

Meanwhile, on the land, this is how it looked.

There was a land battle, too.  (Sorry about the tanks, but we didn't have toys of the battle of the Revolutionary War.  We used a blue blanket for the sea and a tray for land.)

The end.

Did you like our boats, battle and story?  What toys do you make out of paper?