Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nina's Lego Adventure

photo by Mommy

One day, I went to Lego Build with Mrs. Quinn at Berkeley Library.  The challenge was to build a float for a parade.  Instead, I built a whole parade scene.  

Photo by Mrs. Quinn

And, that's how this story came to life:

Once upon a time, there was a beauty queen and she drove through the parade.  People cheered.  People were selling wands and food.  
The beauty queen was tossing out wands.
The people cheered and she smiled and waved.
The end.
Photo by Mommy

I built another one after this one.  It was about a man and a woman adventuring the seas.

Photo by Mommy

The story I just thought up about it is:

Once upon a time there was a lady and a man.  They rowed across the sea into the middle of it.  Then, they saw a little island, but they did not quite go to it yet.  They put a little bit of mail in their mailbox on their boat and then they oared towards shore.  The end

photo by Mrs. Quinn

The story I told Mommy at Lego Build was:

Two people are trying to row a boat that's really hard to row.  They are trying to get back to land.  They've been lost at sea for two years.  When they are going back, they see land and row to it.  The end.

My little brother also likes to build and tell stories.  He made one about KNIGHTS!

Photo by Mommy

His story was:

It's about knights.  they are fighting bad guys.  The bad guy stole some of their food and water because he was thirsty and hungry.

photo by Mrs. Quinn

We like Legos.  I like creating stories.

Do you like building with Legos?  What do you think I should build about next?