Monday, May 8, 2017

See What I Made with Japanese Knotweed!

Can you believe it has been two and a half years since I posted?
I am sorry. I want to post more now...

Do you like Japanese knotweed? It is a wild edible.

I made sauteed Japanese knotweed.

I also made Japanese knotweed ice cream.

I made Japanese knotweed sauce, too, but I did not like the sauce that much.

Do you know how to harvest Japanese knotweed?  I will teach you:

1.  Look for ones under one foot that have no branches.

2.  Break or cut them off.

3.  Pick all the leaves off.

4.  Soak the stalks for 15 minutes to an hour to clean them and get any outs out.

Discard leaves back in the patch so you don't spread the knotweed.  Knotweed is invasive and grows everywhere!

Goodbye for now (not two years!)


  1. Nina,
    So glad you are blogging again!
    I will show this to my friend Paul, I was talking to him this weekend about this plant.
    I was telling him that it helps relieve poison ivy, so if you have any skin itchies, you can rub this on it.
    Knotweed tends to grow near poison ivy. (I think God and mother nature planned it that way).
    A few years ago my children and I made knotweed fruit leather. It was time consuming and VERY sour (if you make this, add more honey!)
    Good job, Nina.
    Miss Julie

    1. Thank you for commenting. I might not make the fruit leather. ;) I had hear it may help poison ivy before, but Mom hadn't.

  2. Thanks for the information Nina. I'm looking forward to your next blog. 🙂


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